Dog, metal, 93L x 90h x 24x cm
Cow (side view) wood, 205 x 132 x 82cm
Cow (Front view) wood, 205 x 132 x 82cm
Dogfish, wood, 170 x 157 x 75cm
Deer, bog-wood, 154h x 185L x 90d cm
Floating Shark, wood, 194L x 160h x 108d cm
Floating Shark (Side Angle)
Stork, wood, 92h x29w x 32d cm
Mr Duck, wood, 94 x 48 x 23cm
Nip, wood, 53 x 40 x 14cm
Stiletto Boot, wood, 68h x 24w x 13d cm
Nymph, wood, 55w x 16h x 10d cm
Heron, wood, 46h x 35w x 13d cm
Dog, wood, 58w x 33h x 18d cm
Duck, wood, 27h x 44w x 15d cm
Lobster, wood, 50w x 7h x 12d cm
The Begger, wood, leather, tin, 40h x 10w x 19d cm
Bird on a Kettle, Bicycle parts with kettle, 80 x 55 x 23cm
Snail, wood, 17 x 11 x 5cm
Bull's head, wood, 44h x 30w x 25d cm
Dead Bird, wood, 18 x 18 x 10cm


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